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A tragic incident, and hopefully it's a one-off like what was quoted in the article.

I still can't quite picture how this would happen, since the doors are fairly narrow, there's a crossbar in the middle across the glass, and there's no indication the driver took the corner at speed. Guess I'll have to wait for the investigation report to come out.
This was on a Vicinity. Nice big, glass, single piece door. Plug style too rather than a slide glide style.
Service Improvements - Effective Feb 4

926 (Lewis Farms - Stillwater)

- New route.
- Weekday AM, PM peak (20 mins), midday & early evening (30 mins)
- Saturday midday, Sunday midday (30 mins)

- AM & PM peak is 15 mins both ways.

- All trips extended to Meadows TC.
- Midday frequency adjusted to every 20 mins weekday, Saturday & Sunday.

- Weekday AM peak, midday & PM peak increased to every 15 mins for full route.
- Weekday AM peak & PM peak every 7.5 mins with short trips (Leger - MWTC).
- Saturday midday increased to every 20 mins for full route.
- Sunday midday service starts at 8am.

- Added weekend late evening service until midnight every 60 mins.
- Added Sunday early morning service every 60 mins.

- AM/PM Peak: Off-peak direction increased from 20 mins to 15 mins.

- Increased weekday midday service to every 20 mins.
- Added weekend early morning service from 6am
- Added weekend early & late evening service every 60 mins until midnight.

- Peak: Increased to every 20 mins from Westmount (AM) & WEM (PM)

- Increased to 20 mins weekday midday.
- Added Sunday early evening service every 60 mins until 10pm.
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New framework to strengthen regional transit collaboration​

January 18, 2024

Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs) from municipalities in the Edmonton Metro Region have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for a new, collaborative framework intended to improve regional transit services.

“This marks an important step forward for growing and improving transit service across the Edmonton Metro Region,” said Darrell Reid, CAO for Strathcona County and Chair of the Regional Transit CAO Roundtable. “There are tremendous opportunities to permanently transform our transit network, and coming together in this way opens the door to bettering the lives of every transit rider.”

Signatories to the MOU included the City of Beaumont, Town of Devon, City of Edmonton, City of Fort Saskatchewan, City of Leduc, Leduc County, Parkland County, City of Spruce Grove, City of St. Albert, Town of Stony Plain and Strathcona County.

Collaboration to improve regional transit is built upon established positive working relationships, existing agreements between regional transit providers and a history of collaboration and mutual support. In contrast to previous attempts to grow the regional transit network, the MOU outlined the following principles:
  • Municipalities retain sole control of their assets and workforce.
  • Municipalities retain sole control of their public transit service decisions.
  • Municipalities have mutual respect for each others’ values, policies, areas of expertise and jurisdictions.
  • Municipalities will continue to seek to make efficient use of existing resources.
  • The CAO of each municipality will be responsible for achieving the desired level of collaboration.

Municipal CAOs, as well as local transit leaders, will have regular meetings to discuss needs, look for efficiencies and keep lines of communication open.

“Regional transit collaboration will identify opportunities to provide better connections, better use existing services and make no-cost adjustments to existing services which improve the rider experience," said Wade Coombs, Transit Director for Strathcona County. “The Edmonton Metro Region is growing and regional transit collaboration provides a venue to identify and prioritize service gaps. Each municipality can look at possibilities for sub-regional agreements to improve connectivity where riders need it most.”

Some recent examples of how this collaboration has worked include:
  • Strathcona County Transit stopping in Edmonton’s Cloverdale neighbourhood.
  • Sharing of Naki Transit Centre in St. Albert for special events service.
  • Beaumont transit providing service to Mill Woods Transit Centre.

“The City of Edmonton believes this collaborative approach will help better connect riders to their destinations throughout the region,” said Andre Corbould, Edmonton City Manager. “By working together, we can enable the development of a convenient, reliable and seamless regional transit experience, which will further support mobility, ridership growth and economic investment across the Edmonton Metro Region.”​

Media contact:
Adam Holm
Manager, Public Communications & Engagement
Strathcona County

Adrienne Cloutier
Senior Communications Advisor
Edmonton Transit Service
City of Edmonton
^ so everyone keep doing their thing and we'll talk and see if we can find small says to improve service. I suppose that's a step in the right direction.
Yes, talking is a good start. Obviously what was put forward before didn't work for everyone, so maybe they just need to come up with some other ways to go about it.
There are about 30 LRT stations these buses can connect with. One thing I'd like to see are options to connect with other Metro Edmonton buses. For example, St. Albert and Sherwood Park can connect at Downtown or University (I was thinking of the timing of the buses).. Spruce Grove/Stony Plain could have a route to Acheson and West Edmonton Mall.
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Report to Urban Planning Committee (Feb 6) - Direct Downtown to Airport Bus Route
Woohoo! It will be funny to see Valley Line have better frequencies than Capital Line.

Good to see an update on the airport bus -- was looking for it earlier. Guess it was covered by the triparty agreement rather than the recent MOU (or the late EMTSC) so it would be brought forward regardless.

The artics on the 73 are to be redeployed to the 500X... Wouldn't other routes be more suitable given its overlap with VLSE?

Plus in the latest schedule it only shows Meadow-Downtown service, hope that's a mistake.
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