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Just posting for thoughts.....I've posted similar before. Is there any desire for some classic elements or exo-structure on buildings or do they just look 'old' or dated?
Just posting for thoughts.....I've posted similar before. Is there any desire for some classic elements or exo-structure on buildings or do they just look 'old' or dated? View attachment 177458
Nice render:
With the exception of exo-skeleton and your far more interesting roof resolution... this reminds me so much of the first ancient render of Bay Adelaide One (cathedral inspired). Source: no idea found in UT archives
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Welcome back DoubleA.

The high angle looks like new generation stealth fighter.

The second pavilion view of (presumably in front of melting ice-cap) is a discussion in itself. But maybe I'm over-thinking (not the first time).

Very nice at grade (anything with brick is welcome). But I'm sure you know that site is hosting the nicest design in the east Bayfront, Aqualuna.
I cant wait to see Aqualuna! This whole development makes me very happy. I would love one day to take a boat harbour tour and absorbed this site from that perspective!
Thanks for your comment :)
Very nice work ... particularly love the angle play on the towers.

I would like to purchase this asap for the YSL site, which I think may have originally had an early 2 tower avec sky-bridges design scheme. More please. :)
Thanks!! Yeah the budget was pretty tight for the competition so I had to use my own photos instead of purchasing some for an actual site that I would've preferred (like 385 Yonge).
Let's imagine if Menkes decided to be bold with the Sugar Wharf project and fires Architects Alliance for being unimaginative... Here's what I would like to see in the waterfront.

Toronto needs more audacious and neo futurism style architecture because Toronto's architecture is a little poor. If I propose this vision it's because I am strongly disappointed with actual look of the towers proposed on the site.

If this wonderful design were to come to fruition, Toronto would have a true architectural icon and one of the most outstanding buildings ever built in the world.

I don't think it's specially d'or this site, but it seems to be a vision for somewhere in the waterfront.

I know I am just a dreamer, but if I was a real estate developer, I would try to realize something of that kind that for Toronto.

Happy holidays my friends 😊🎉❤️




It's a vision from an architectural firm named Evolo.

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NimbyTect's King Francis II is a vision for King and Francis downtown Kitchener: not totally sorted yet--eg the tower lacks detail like balconies, the windows got inverted (oops--easy to correct), setbacks etc. The corner would likely have more setbacks--extrude that facade anyway your imagination will let you!
King Street facade:


My instaRATING out of ten: .5

So far, I'd give it a seven. I like the musculariity and 'street meet' of the podium. Also, evidently the Mennonites like it too, which is a big plus. With a few minor tweaks, clad that base in some lovely material (stone or Mac Millan Bloedel-quality concrete) and I'd say you're really onto something.