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Oct 7, 2016
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Federal election: Where do the parties stand?
UCalgary, Students’ Union and Graduate Students' Association hold all-candidates debate Oct 2; all are welcome

The federal election is now just four weeks away, and the University of Calgary is providing an opportunity to the campus community and the public to hear where the parties stand on post-secondary education and other issues.

UCalgary, the Students’ Union and the Graduate Students' Association are holding a debate on Oct. 2. All candidates running in Calgary Confederation have been invited to attend.

“It’s important for students to have the opportunity to engage with candidates one-on-one and hear them debate issues that matter to them so that they can make an informed decision when they vote on October 21,” says Sadiya Nazir, Students’ Union vice-president external,

The goals of the forum are to provide the university community and the public an opportunity to hear party platforms, in particular issues that impact students, and to provide a dedicated setting to allow voters to speak to decision-makers on the issues that affect them.

  • Photo above: Mayoral candidates present their platforms as UCalgary played host to a mayoral debate in 2017. Photo by Colleen De Neve, for the University of Calgary

“Democracy is important, and everyone has to participate for it to work. There are over two million post-secondary students in Canada. If students vote, they can help shape Canada’s future. We want to engage students during this campaign to ensure they know that their voice matters, and their vote counts,” says Marcela Lopes, vice-president external, Graduate Students' Association.

The event gets underway at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 2 in the MacEwan Ballroom, with a mix and mingle with the candidates. The debate will begin at 5:15 p.m. All are welcome and we encourage you to register here.