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Amazing work.

I dont know if this is even possible, but you should make a google earth patch that includes these modifications.
Mirvish Village development. Note that they just resubmitted another application and I haven't updated it for those revisions yet, but you can still get an idea:

View attachment 96869

View with both East Harbour and the downtown:

View attachment 96870

Thought I would show the changes coming at Yonge - Eglinton - its been nearly 2 years since I provided an update in this part of town, and there is a ton of growth proposed up there. I can't for the life of me find drawings of the second E condo tower that changed once they bought up another site - so its still the old version of the building.

View attachment 96871

North York Centre doesn't have a whole lot going on these days, though stuff is happening.

View attachment 96872

Yonge and St Clair has an increasing amount of activity - including one proposal that is significantly taller than anything in the area currently.

View attachment 96873

Galleria Mall and other Junction area development. The mall development is massive.

View attachment 96874

Humber Bay is starting to round out development, not much left in the proposal stage any more.

View attachment 96875

The entire block bounded by Duncan, Adelaide, Pearl, and Simcoe in the entertainment district now has development applications filed. Insane density proposed there, and everywhere else in the entertainment district for that matter. There are a lot of applications in the area, but it appears that few of them are actually progressing to construction. 19 Duncan and 357 King West are both rental proposals so they should move soon, and a couple of condos seem to be preparing to launch, but there are still a lot of red buildings here compared to what the market can likely absorb.

View attachment 96876

Regent park is slowly marching through its development process. Lots of new buildings here now. The Wyatt has actually started construction and should be blue, but I haven't done that yet.

View attachment 96877

Bloor East is growing quickly. Jamestown North is finally launching now that Tridel is developing it, need to switch that to yellow soon. The new rental buildings on Sherbourne add a lot of density too. These will make the drive down the DVP much more impressive in a few years.

View attachment 96878
Thank you @innsertnamehere. This is simply an incredible amount of work. Furthermore. It's not your main focus, but a hobby so I hope those asking for this view and that mod are grateful for the energy you have put in.
Thanks innsertnamehere you and Koops do great work ! I like koops detailed updated renderings . And yours plays a big part by pinpointing what's being built, under construction or proposed by colour coding the buildings. When ever you can please update to keep us informed too ! THANKS!