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2 or perhaps 3 Ingels' projects in the pipeline?......absolutely fantastic news!
Strange they would pick the boonies for Bjarke Ingels' architecture:confused:

It doesn't work the way you are saying. A developer has to choose which architect they want and they can only put it on land they own. Some random person can't just point at a map of Toronto and say "now THIS is where that architect's work belongs!"
Don Mills is synonymous with Modernist urban planning and architecture in Canada. Though built on the city's periphery, it was hardly on the design periphery. So quality new architecture at Don Mills will be a good fit, and improved transit will make it less isolated. However, it's true that the best architecture belongs in the city's most visible areas, and developers need to give downtown more of it.
Alas, no further news on what Ingels has in store for us, but in the meantime we all can now gorge ourselves on some sexy renders of the Ingels/Westbank Vancouver project which have been posted to his site. I imagine they're getting more teen vampires than we are.
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Ingels puts his mark on Vancouver – and Don Mills is next

From Friday's Globe and Mail
Published Thursday, May. 24, 2012 11:04AM EDT

Mr. Ingels tends to stir strong emotions. In the six years since he founded the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) in Copenhagen, he has become sought after by public and private clients throughout Europe, in the U.S. and now Canada. (A few weeks from now, Mr. Gillespie will unwrap a BIG development that he and his business partners intend to put up in the Toronto suburb of Don Mills.) He has earned renown as a superb communicator and a strong thinker about what makes cities successful, but also as a practical architect keenly attuned to the specific problems that come with each job.