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That may have been a concern originally, or particularly in winter weather, but ML seems to be having no problem with the idea now.

With the speed limits so low west of Kitchener, it may be moot. A single F59 can most certainly haul a full train at 30 mph.

- Paul
What about the faster sections between kitchener and Toronto?

I thought it was an issue of reliability rather than schedule.
What about the faster sections between kitchener and Toronto?

I thought it was an issue of reliability rather than schedule.

A single F59 is not "unreliable". It simply lacks a safety margin. (Like driving your car without a spare tire)

GO ran its entire fleet with single F59's for many years until the MP40's were ordered. Maybe not optimally with longer trains.... but it worked well enough.

We may see dual F59's return in some form, but for the moment..... good is apparently good enough.

- Paul
So that raises the question, is it possible the solo 10 car F59 consist could go on non London bound trains?

There was a solo F59 consist that was on the Kitchener line this weekend, not on a London train but rather the Mt Pleasant - Union and back off peak trains.
But the point of having two locomotives on the London train was so that if there is a problem with one unit it can limp home. Otherwise it's going to take 6 hours to get there and tow it home.
I don’t really know why you’re responding to me? I know why they use 2 locomotives.
I’m just telling someone else that crews don’t know what their consist will look like until they get there, so it’s unlikely that whoever he spoke to knows if they’re flipping a locomotive or not.
GO is really cheaping out on these new Trains smh

The photo is from several years ago, as the buses shown are from the first series of double deckers which were retired in 2018. Milton line riders may recognize them as they were parked next to the Meadowvale station for about half a year. They were sold to a tour operator in BC.

GO lets go of their buses at a relatively younger age than other agencies (don’t even get me started on the DDLs, some only lasted six years). You can find former GO buses is surprising places like charter service in Miami and sightseeing tour service in San Francisco.
June 1
Not my field and leave it to others if this bus will be retired.

2464 has having a hard time turning off Park St onto Hurontario with clouds of black exhaust and not sounding good.

As I head north on Hurontario 30 minutes later, ran into 2464 dead at Mineola with safety marker up around it. Given this is an 2011 buses that are being phased out, would one say this bus has meet its Waterloo for retirement now or is ML willing to spend money to keep it on the road for another year or 2??