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Mar 18, 2016
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I read about this in the paper today, but it wouldn't work on my work computer so I didn't get the chance to play with it until now. It is very cool. Google has put together a global time-lapse of satellite shots from 1984 to present. It's called Google Earth Engine. It is very worth looking into.

Calgary, especially the north end of town is pretty fun to watch. Includes some cool stuff like the ring road and the new terminal and runway. Other interesting sites in the area are the appearance of Nakiska Ski Resort and the 2013 floods. I'll also be referring to Airdrie as Squaredrie from now on. You'll get it if you check it out.

The designers have curated some interesting things to check out like the oilsands, Aral Sea and Dubai, but I deliberately went looking for so offbeat choices. Some other unique events and sites I checked out that fall in the time frame are the explosive growth in China's major cities like Guangzhou and Shanghai. The growth of Canada's Diamond industry. The Chernobyl disaster in 1986. The eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991. The 2010 eruption of Eyjafjallajokul. Hong Kong International Airport thorugh the 90s. Three Gorges Dam through the 2000s. The twinning of the Suez Canal.

Some recurring events are neat to watch too. The pulsations and growing bathtub ring of Lake Mead. The fluctuations of the Okovango Delta in Botswana. The geometry of the Canadian Prairies.

Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan is especially cool I think. This period covers from the middle of the Soviet war to date. So you can see it in action, then decay then blossom again, if that's the right word, as the Americans come in.

Oh what I'd give for similar resolution over Jupiter in the same period.
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Those all sound interesting. I'd like to check out the Aral Sea, and also the Salton Sea. Both would be very interesting.
Watching the growth of Chinese cities must be really something.