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building babel

Holt Renfrew Last Call

This seems to be a catch-all thread for shopaholics, so I thought I'd mention that the Holt Renfrew Last Call menswear sale began yesterday. Their store is at 370 Steeles West and the sale ( 30% to 40% off the already discounted merchandise ) continues to next Wednesday. New clothing arrives every Tues and Thurs I believe. The place is open year round, with a winter and a summer sale every year.

Babel bought a nice silk bow tie for $ 24 ( inc. tax ) - they were $75 ( plus tax ) in the downtown store.

A place worth checking out, now and then, bargain hunters!
Window Unveiling - Holt Renfrew Bloor Steet

November 3

Holiday Window Unveiling Join us for the unveiling of our holiday windows. Enjoy a special musical appearance by Matt Dusk, presented by American Express, and watch a performance by Olympic Gold Medalists, Jamie Salé and David Pelletier on our Bloor Street skating rink.

7 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Awesome! I'm going to check that out!

Went last night with miketoronto, and we were both impressed with the event.

We were watching the whole thing beside some staff who worked at HR. They indicated to us they just launch their new logo and colour which is officially pink.

The skating rink on Bloor Street was tiny, however, watching Jamie Sale and David Pelletier was spectacular! They are both gorgeous! I also can't believe they actually got married last Christmas!

I had no idea that Matt Dusk was from Toronto. I always found his singing annoying, however, with his Christmas carols the fake snow falling over Bloor Street and the lights, it was beautiful!

Then there was the countdown to the window unveiling and everyone was inivited to come in and shop away!

Hopefully Mike will post some pics, I know he will complain that the windows aren't animated, I thought they were great for Holt's. I loved making comments while viewing the windows and having a laugh with others around us! At one point I had to shut up as I thought the designer for one window was standing beside me.

The highlight of my evening was meeting and talking to Caryn Lerner, the new President of Holt Renfrew. She was fabulous! I actually got nervous talking to her! She indicated that they plan to do this event annually.

Inside the store, I was pleasantly surprised by all the holiday treats being given out and or course the eye candy wondering all around me...LOL

Good times, hope this becomes another great holiday tradition for Toronto.

It was nice Louroz. Talking about eye candy, hows the sales associate in the cell phone section :) Can we say hot.

I will put some pics up yes.
This year it's some kind of Vermont ski fantasy with some kind of slutty evening affair in the lodge, which looks great, but has a hint of belligerent frat boy that is sort of a turn off. It's much more fun to imagine these clothes being worn as they are in Prada ads, with pouty trust-fund darlings staring off into the empty emotional space of a gray, overcast November day in Milan

HA! That's great! Thanks for the link Shawn!

Lodge stuff, including exotic taxidermy, is a hot look right now so Holts was bound to incorporate it in their windows. All that moosey Dean & Dan stuff from last season kinda matches it too.
Remember: this is Alannah Weston-era Holts. Sort of like Roots-style funky Canadiana taken several nosebleeds beyond the virtuously middlebrow...
... and thousands of curious new Mink Mile Winners winners popping in for a quick look around ...
Re: A & F / Hollister

A few months ago, Holt Renfrew's post-sale clothing outlet - Last Call - moved to Vaughan Mills.

What a piss-off. I'm not hightailing it all the way out there.

So last weekend I had to pay sale price for a nice jacket at their downtown store. Alfredo Aguilera, what a nice young sales associate ... but that's another story ... At least when Last Call was on Steeles you could drop by now and then to check out the marked down, marked down, marked down, sale items.
Retail: Holt Renfrew Last Call

I'd plotz if we had something that good. Of course, we don't have Saks or Bergdorfs or Bloomingdales to send all their past season stuff either.
Poor little Holt's and it's "Last Call" store.

I guess this means we are "forced" to trudge off to NYC for our off-price designer clothing shopping extravaganzas.
I quite liked the Toronto Last Call, at least until it moved to Vaughn or Barrie or where ever the hell it is up there now. I've been to the Winnipeg one more often since the Toronto one abandoned it's Steeles location.
That's an awful long way to go for markdowns. I've never been to Last Call since it moved to Vaughan; the odds that items I've been ogling will end up there in my size ( not that it's a particularly odd size ... ) are slim, so I generally wait for sales at the main store. Fortunately, they're not carrying anything I covet at the moment.