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Frustrating, infuriating, exasperating, ......This stuff isn't rocket science. Just pure and complete neglect by multiple parties. Starting with the various levels of government, first and foremost, then property owners, property managers and even tenants. If something is broken, fix it. If a tree is dead, replace it. If there is garbage on your property pick it up. It is possible to have a clean and well maintained property. And there are a number of them downtown. However, there are way, way too many at the other end of the spectrum. Nowhere is that more apparent to me than the juxtaposition of Enbridge Place and the old BMO site. Side by side properties in the heart of our downtown core both owned by Edmonton based developers. One is a sparkling development, the old Kelly/Ramsay Building, with a podium painstakingly rebuilt brick by brick and a wonderful, modern addition above. Great tenants and an owner who keeps the property immaculate, even going so far as to mop the sidewalks when something gets spilled. The property to the north is an embarrassing mess of bare concrete, rubble, garbage all surrounded by an ugly chain link fence. And it has been that way, more of less, for almost FIVE years now. Unforgiveable as far as I am concerned. What I find most exasperating is that if certain parties can't figure out a way to fix the relatively simple things, like keeping things clean, tidy and well maintained, how in the he!! are they going to figure out a way to fix the truly complex stuff like addiction, houselessness, mental illness and all the resulting social disorder?
Look at Jasper Ave between 99st and 97st. That stretch literally renewed a year ago and already one of the centre medians has a blown out chunk of concrete with exposed rebar sticking out. It should be a quick and easy fix but nope, still standing in its current sad state.

What can we did about this? File a complaint to 311?
do you mean this one?


photo taken last july 6 some time after it actually occurred…
Yup that's the one! It's still in this exact state and we're in the middle of February ffs....

Andre Corbould <>

Sending this info to city manager's inbox may help, too
I think I mentioned this in another thread - I emailed him on an issue and he called me back so I'd say take it up with him.
If a few people sent him that picture and the timeline and asked when it will be addressed, I'm sure there would be a response.
Because that was a fatal car accident, I believe that is an insurance claim and I can see it taking a long time to resolve
not meaning to be callous but we've seen fatal car accidents involving everything from bridges to lamp posts to guard rails on grout road to residential homes to a starbucks coffee shop where three people died in november 2021. it's standard practice for the damage to be repaired as soon as the accident investigators have finished with the scene without having to waiting until the insurance claims have all been settled (which can take multiple years). i know the city "self-insures" but this is really no different than putting up a replacement light pole or guard rail - and probably not much more expensive either - so my guess is it's nothing more than a matter of priorities and this just isn't important enough to those who it should be important to...
I made an inquiry with City- disappointed to learn the next phase of the 114-124 Street work won't happen until 2025.

Here's what I was told.

"For 114 - 124 streets we're currently in the detail design stage. There are some utility relocations that need to be done in 2024 prior to the road construction. Depending on how these relocations progress will determine the start of the road construction. At this early stage of the project road construction is estimated to start in 2025 and be completed in 2027 with tree and shrub plantings."

But good news is, hopefully the work all the way to 124 Street will be completed by 2027.
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Crickets for Jasper from 102-109 though... and given WLRT, unlikely for 5 more years or a nearly 20 year project from start to finish is my bet.
Crickets for Jasper from 102-109 though... and given WLRT, unlikely for 5 more years or a nearly 20 year project from start to finish is my bet.
The 2023-26 budget included money for up to detailed design, and iirc administration recommended not including construction funds until detailed design is completed so that they can inform the construction budget based on what's in the design. They said that can always include construction funds in a supplemental budget adjustment if the detailed design is done in time.

However, the capital budget document (pg 394) says "Designing the Jasper Avenue streetscape from 102-109 Street in this budget cycle will allow construction to occur in the next budget cycle."