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This could potentially be our version of Stephen Ave in Calgary or Granville St in Vancouver.
I want Mayor Sohi and the new City Council on this immediately.



I can hardly grasp why they even wanted cars on 102 ave after all this is done? That little single lane doesn't give meaningful access to anything. Who decided "YES THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED HERE. ONE USELESS CAR LANE THAT MAKES THE EXPERIENCE WORSE FOR EVERYONE!" It benefits noone, not even drivers.
Parkade ingress and egress options for things along 102, RHW and to help with drop-offs and deliveries and the like.
Somehow property managers have been able to manage for over three years while 102 Ave has been closed, no? At this point, drivers have adjusted their behaviours and 102 Ave opening to eastbound only traffic will have a negligible impact on traffic flow Downtown.
As I mentioned in the thread. It would be nice to see some colour!! Some trees??? Give me artifical turf! Something!
I would enjoy it being shut down for cars. Its been closed for years, no need to put back cars. In fact making it more pedestrian friendly and accessible would encourage more traffic in my opinion.
Once the Valley Line West LRT is completed, I would love to see 102 Ave closed to vehicle traffic all the way to 109 St and thereby link up the MUP with the Oliverbahn more closely.
There is a parkade entrance/exit at Canada Place which may pose a problem.