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Mar 13, 2020
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The city has literally forgotten about the path beside the river in Louis McKinney Riverfront Park. I was extremely disappointed to see all the weeds blocking the view of the river and for some reason the stairs going down were taken out and nothing was done to clean it up.
When I walked down there nobody else was there in spite of a festival going on in the park. Naturalization has its place where it makes sense, in this case it doesn't. Having expensive handrails along the path only to see weeds block the view makes no sense. The east end needs to be finished as well.
I have just 2 items on my Louise McKinney Park improvement list:
The riverside promenade abruptly stops before the Tawatina Bridge. I want this promenade to continue east to Cameron Ave.
The long stairway from Grierson Hill Road is dilapidated and needs to be replaced asap with a stairway that's wider, easier to climb (so to speak) and doesn't rot after a few years.
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