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Enhanced Transit Safety Plan Update

Attachment 1: Enhanced Transit Safety Plan Trend Overview

In Q4 2023, Administration signed a shared services agreement between the Transit Peace Officers and the University of Alberta Protective Services peace officer group to better integrate those two law enforcement groups where their work overlaps around University of Alberta property. This agreement adds to the one already in use with the Alberta Sheriffs for transit property adjacent to the Alberta Legislature. A similar agreement is currently being explored with NAIT Protective Services.
Attachment 1: Enhanced Transit Safety Plan Trend Overview
I don't recall hearing anything about Operation Safe Station during the most recent Transit Safety Update.

"An example of integration between teams can be found with Operation Safe Station, which was a 40-hour multi-station initiative led by Warrant Apprehension and Diversion Unit (EPS) in collaboration with the City of Edmonton and several different outreach providers including Bent Arrow, resulting in 129 arrests, 649 warrant executions, 31 new criminal charges and 306 social support diversions."
In other words, 31 more people now captured by our grinding racist "justice" system.
Oh, for crying out loud man... You don't even know what the arrests were about, who was arrested, etc... I get it, you're a social justice champ, and that is laudable, but this kind of behaviour is what stops people like you, engaged in social fights, from getting widespread support from the general public.
While the underlying reasons for why racial minorities (and in the case of Edmonton, First Nations in particular) comprise the bulk of the marginalized population are disgusting, and need to be addressed at the source, over a long period of time, with sustained efforts from the public actors, simply turning a blind eye to criminal activity because of these people's ethnic background, on the grounds of "it's not their fault that they became criminals" does amount to any benefits for anyone.
It might not be their fault that these people turned into criminals, addicts, etc, but that doesn't mean that what they do is alright and they should face no repercussions.
It's also not how Transit Security works. It's a combination of Transit Police Officers (TPOs), social service agencies like Bent Arrow (COTT teams), private security, campus security and sometimes EPS. And making sure everyone is working together. They try very hard to divert people away from being arrested if possible to get the help they need.

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Isn't the whole point of low floor trains that they're more accessible, integrated into their surroundings, and easy for people to use? Ridiculous!

That Mill Woods station, where the bus connection dumps you into the centre of the LRT platform is just an invitation to walk straight across the tracks. I've done it
I don't know if I agree with this. So fare paying passengers not only have to worry about their safety or being exposed to drugs being cooked on transit, they have to worry about being fined $250 for a no harm no foul situation? Put a fence up if they don't want people crossing the tracks.
Of course when we send the cops out to enforce the rules the first thing they do is start looking for jaywalkers. THOSE DANG JAYS ARE AT IT AGAIN!

If they don't want people to cross the tracks, then don't lay out a red carpet baiting people to cross the tracks. The platform at Millwoods especially, it's basically an open invitation.
Put up some barriers or railings that guide people to the designated crossing location.
or tell the cops not to ticket people for this sort of thing unless it's creating an actual safety risk. (eg: in front of a moving train)