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Meh - newspapers are for old farts. These days most of us can access the news on our mobile phones.
Does anyone posting here actually subscribe to the Edmonton Journal? I am not paying to read Staples or the EJ that’s for sure. Cancelled our subscription at least 5 years ago. Print media is dead and negative mouth's like Staples killed it.
I do read it on line from time to time. I also had a subscription years ago, but the quality and content now is not worth paying for a subscription anymore.

Part of it is Staples and some of the other columnists, who are just an echo chamber of negativity. I guess there is some audience for that, but I feel not enough for it to be viable.
Most stories like this are done through Marketing groups. I read announcements from media people and then reading the exact same piece as a news blurb. Journalism as I knew it as a kid has long since died.
Actually, this piece (I won't call it an article or news) is bought by MacEwan.

If you look at the top of the page, you'll see the words:
This article is
by MacEwan University

No journalist was involved in its production, nor was the newsroom.

was going to say the same thing. this is paid advertising from MacEwan, let's calm down. Also don't call me old fart ;-)
And what is the source of that news you're reading?

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Throwing around the word 'transformational' like that is a disservice to all involved.
Budget 2024 -
$75 million over three years for MacEwan University Business School to expand capacity by
5,000 students in high-demand economic sectors