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Apart from Farkas throwing a tantrum every time Council spends money, I really don't know what else he stands for. He seems like another fiscal conservative running as an antidote to Nenshi. I hope the vitriol directed at Council doesn't manifest itself into another Al Duerr era where the city didn't build anything for 10 years.
The Al Duerr era wasn’t a symptom of Al Duerr - our country as a whole was/had been spending way above our capacity for decades. By the last few years when fiscal capacity was available at other layers of government you started to have investment again - overpasses, the Deerfoot extension, incremental LRT, libraries and rec centres.
Given my lack of knowledge of Calgary's political history, I had to look up Al Duerr and discovered that Calgary has only had 4 mayors since 1980! 🤯
Calgary has been very fortunate in having council led by a string of reasonably competent Mayors for a long time, each building on the successes of the last for the most part. The last real scandal involving a Mayor was in the late 50s, leading to the win of Harry Hays in 1959.
Has Nenshi indicated intent to run again or step down? I think he has done a great job, but it's time for some new blood.
Woolley is out. Edit: not running for council, not running for mayor
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He is the councillor for ward 8, he will be fine. I'm not a fan of politicians throwing insults around on social media but we have all thought what he said
Good on Woolley, it was a bit blunt but Chu is a jackass! That being said, I bet Evan will have to make some sort of apology and will refuse to do so, will see how that works for him.
Mike Terringo is suing Nenshi for defamation over an "insult" made in 2015. I think it's the guy who was behing the Osteria de Medici restaurant proposal who was threatening councillors following them outside after a meeting yelling at them that he knows wherethey live. The guy sounds like a total POS, but has deep enough pockets to likely force Nenshi to settle.