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There is only a short section that would need to be built out along the north bank. That is if they utilize some of the older roads that are not frequented. I have tried to get from the bridge through Horse hills. and it is a bit of a slog.
The quarry paved bike path is outstanding, IMO the best of it's kind in Edmonton With this bridge we will be able to safely access the nature trail that goes all the way to Fort SK on the other side of the river. The nature trail is gravel and although I love it, it may be a good idea to pave it as some point so it becomes more accessible to all users. All we would need is some comprehensive mapping, nice water fountains and bathrooms along the way and restaurants with patios at each end to make it a nice destination. Quebec, Ontario and BC are doing this all over the place.
Just to clarify: When I said loop, I meant that Strathcona's nature trail would make one end, and a trail to Fort Sask via Sturgeon would make up the other. That way, people could experience both sides of the river, and also make better use of the Highway 15 pedestrian bridge. As of now, the only pedestrian trails in Sturgeon county that are near the bridge are a couple of ~1km trails.
@IanO, I didn't ask (but I was almost certain that you wouldn't mind) that I nominated you for this program set up by NASA. It seems perfectly suited to you and your limitless knowledge about everything. And since you have traveled so broadly and know just about everything about every major City on Earth, what better situation than preparing you for a voyage to Mars where you could add to your boundless knowledge about all things earthbound. I know that you will be cut off from this planet's communications for a year (and maybe more if you qualify for the maiden voyage to the Red Planet) -- a small price to pay for such a grand opportunity. Good luck at being selected as Canada's premiere representative! and Bon Voyage!🤔🚀
Let's be nice
It's all in good humor @thommyjo -- @IanO and I take meaningless swipes at one another from time to time. I'm sure that he takes it in the tongue-in-cheek style with which it is intended. If I were to truly offend him (as I have inadvertently done in the past) then I would immediately apologize to him after picking him up off of the floor, dusting him off, and sending him back out there to meet the world. He can shirk it off; Ian is one of the best shirkers in the business.
Pedestrian scrambles are being added to Whyte Ave/Gateway Blvd and Whyte Ave/Calgary Trail.

I wish they would paint them solid green stripes or in white stripes like Shibuya that I walked across many times. Of course you can see how people pay attention to lines 😝