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Same as the issue for Holt's here, Gucci and other luxury brands are opening their own stand-alone stores, which is bad for Nordstrom's. Also US parent company didn't do well in 2022 and Canada was only 3% of their sales.
I am under the impression that the products sold from Nordstrom Rack were cheapened versions of the real thing from Nordstrom. Kind of like the caste system in India.
I might have been to a Nordstrom store in Toronto and saw shoes selling for $5000. I laughed out loud so everyone could hear and mentioned that they looked like garbage.

Anyone know what's going on this site? I saw a Sold sign on in recently.

No pics but I saw in Cloverdale on 98th ave and 95th st (just west of Fritz Ski Haus) there's a new proposed lowrise development sign.
Looks nice, but it is really too bad they couldn't keep the old pool going until they built this. For an organization that seemingly loves planning, the city seems spectacularly bad at good planning.

I hope this does not turn into another one of their long delayed infrastructure projects. There is this quaint thing called deadlines.