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Black Bull Hotel, Queen St. W., north east corner Soho St. c.1888? TPL

Black Bull Hotel, Queen St. W., north east corner Soho St.  c.1888?  TPL.jpg

Hotel Clifton 1914 TPL

Hotel Clifton  1914  TPL.jpg

We now need a current photo of this intersection..........I believe that building is still there.
Former Fire Hall, Richmond St. E., S. side, W. of Jarvis St. 1952 TPL

former Fire Hall, Toronto, Richmond St. E., s. side, w. of Jarvis St.   1952   TPL   .jpg

Fire hydrant on the left and original building on the right allow for positive identification of the site.
Richmond south side near Jarvis.jpg
Google street view
Thanks DSC...I was not aware of that.
It looks great today.......Google image......
former fire hall-Lombard St.jpg
I wish they'd bury all those cables.
This is a topic that is best discussed (yet again!) in a more general thread but If you look at the photos of the Lombard Street Fire Hall immediately above you can see that overhead wiring IS being buried (slowly). It is not a cheap thing to do but in St Lawrence we have managed to get quite a bit dealt with (eg on Front from Church to Parliament and on The Esplanade from Jarvis to Yonge) in last decade. Both of these achieved with s 37 $$ and support of the local BIA.
My aunt and uncle, and later my dad, lived two blocks east of the photo. I remember that plaza - Parkway? Parkwoods?