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Not this parcel, it was "27 Grosvenor St.' (I think they meant 77 Grosvenor, which is the old Ontario Archives Building) and 26 Grenville St. (the old coroner's building).
27 Grosvenor is the above ground parking garage of the former coroner's building, while 26 Grenville is the south-side podium of the former coroner's building, so assuming that the coroner's building itself will be renovated as government offices, that one building will become three sites (and yes, two of them should become affordable housing).

"the project achieved a waste diversion rate of 95%."

Pretty schnazzy, but how does that stack up against the industry average I wonder.

Recycling Reconsidered (2011) by Samantha McBride says:


So 95% is pretty good and I doubt one could ever recycle 100%.


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Soil testers have been on site since last week. The site is empty now but it was an old Ontario provincial office building that was demolished a few years ago.
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