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Thanks for the memories, thelearningcurve.
My Dad worked in the previous building on that site - he's the handsome one in the leather jacket.

356-362 Eastern Ave. in the 1930s

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Great shots all around everyone. I am especially loving thelearningcurve's uniquely processed B/W shots. Really beautiful stuff.
Those old pics are very cool. I've worked on film projects on Booth and on Eastern Avenue - I'm working on Eastern currently. We're much closer to Leslie, in the same facility where Flashpoint's offices and standings sets were.

Eastern's gritty industrial roots are still very much there - primarily in the soil, if little else.
We live east side of Jones just north of the railway tracks. Our hood is affectionately called The Pocket. From what I've been told, in the mid to late 70s, the area was infested with termites. The way to kill or at least get rid of them is to inject or plant poison into the soil (or at that point in time it was). We had soil tests done 2 years ago and we're fine but there are some folks in the hood who have contaminated backyards from the poison. There is also the added fun that the area of and around the Greenwood train yard, which is just east of our house, was a city dump up until the mid 60s:

Greenwood Avenue fill by Toronto History, on Flickr

We east side folks have a great history of buggering the place up.