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Upcoming Online Presentation and Survey

An online presentation will be held to share the preliminary design prepared for the proposed footbridge and open spaces on each side of the North Saskatchewan River.

Date: Thursday, March 24, 2022
Time: 7-8:30pm

I filled out the survey at
There should be some benches and planters (shut up @archited 😛 ) but overall I approve of this project.



Here's the What We Heard report, along with a summary of the opposition to the project (keeping in mind there were valid concerns about sightlines, separation of pedestrians and cyclists, etc.)

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Ah yes, because spending money anything that isn't "essential" is just a waste of money right?

And people wonder why things are the way they are here...
Crews continue to work at the Edmonton Strathcona County Footbridge Construction site along the North Saskatchewan River east of Edmonton, Thursday Dec. 28, 2023. The $38.6 million project is projected to be completed in fall 2025. Photo by David Bloom /Postmedia