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At minimum, he showed poor journalistic judgment with his "lung scoop." If Rob is doped up on pain meds, I'll give him a pass for making a mistake. Warmington and the Sun's editors should have considered that in their decisions on what to report. It doesn't matter that Joe's a "columnist" (I'd use other words), he still has a duty to evaluate the information he receives. I hope his next column includes an apology.

Joe got a lot of ex-Sun play on that. Moving around doing my business yesterday, he was being either quoted or played verbatim. Such that the antenna city that suddenly sprung up on hospital row today was, on the balance of probabilities, in response to Wormington's dire histrionics. Can his self-appended 'columnist' designation give him a 'bye'? As far as his employer is concerned, that's likely a big fat 'Yes'. For those that follow this drama closely, an antipathetic 'Nay'.

Wasn't he on broadcast media just the other day mewling about his credibility being undermined? Well, it just doesn't matter. A) Because he has none and B) He gets the inside bedside because by so doing he drives the platform clicks and the cash at news stands. SunMedia is just gonna let it roll. So they make their fourth quarter, barely. Expect more mis-, dis-, and piss-poor-information from Joey Worms. A breathless world awaits.
Aggressive Cancers re-occur - that is why they are called "AGGRESSIVE" Hello? When they say "at 5 years" is because of the incidence of re-occurrence". I am not so optimistic - its not like this guy is a granola crunching marathoner. Lots of damage has been done...

Money helps.
I call absolute bullshit on that. If my brother was in the hospital under similar circumstances I would still be expected to show up for work and fully perform my duties, not be sitting next to a hospital bed for half the day, every day, weeping. I love my brothers more than life itself, but this illustrates the privilege this family has which even further disconnects them from me yet stupid Toronto voters don't "get it". Doug is totally playing the Rob is sick card, and don't anyone on this board believe for a moment that he isn't.

At the very least, he will skip all debates aside from the televised ones.
Which means its in the process of metastasizing. He's screwed folks.

I think that's a bit of jump, Marc. It's bad news, no question. But if I understand correctly, it doesn't mean his lymph nodes are passing cancer cells all over his body. It could just be local. It's possible the chemo could knock it back. (Standard disclaimers apply. Someone please correct me if I've got this wrong.)
So just to summarize up todays events:

1) Rob isn't really all that healthy.
2) He's gonna have a few days where he feels like crap,
3) Some day he might even die from his health issues.

OK, so what part of this is new?

Is he actually going to live long enough to die from cancer? He's still a crack smoking alcoholic.
Don't think any of that's going to change. He's been in the hospital before, and nothing changed.

Am I the only one thinking that, even with a serious tumour, Ford now stands a better chance of survival than if he was left alone to relapse/intensify his substance abuse?
Wonder if RoFo will get access to medical marijuana for help dealing with the ravages of chemo. Wonder if he ever wished he could get some. Would that ever be a case of be careful what you wish for, lest you get it.

My understanding is that with the change from MMAR to MMPR this past March, it's become much more difficult to access. Fortunately for him, he seems to have other sources.
If my brother was in the hospital under similar circumstances I would still be expected to show up for work and fully perform my duties, not be sitting next to a hospital bed for half the day, every day, weeping.

The City doesn't give you a minute off duty for that.

The biggest eye opener for me in the last four years is that Rob and Doug never seemed to be accountable for their time or whereabouts.

I doubt anyone will ever ask now.

Every single time someone dares be critical of Doug, he will say "my brother has Cancer!"

Rob and Doug and Mikey will be handled very gently for at least the next few weeks, I suspect.

"Guy at coffee shop just asked if we've all heard the news: "Rob Ford's in a coma."
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I'm citing the doctor who, quite frankly, I find more credible than you.

Spouting "facts", and not taking responsibility for the opinions you form from them is irresponsible. The answer was specific to the question, no more or no less.

If they had asked the doctor in question if stress, either from the environment or personal actions, can affect the equilibrium of the human body then there would have been a different answer.
"The illness of Mr. Ford, whose brother Doug has entered the race in his place, puts the Chow and Tory campaigns in awkward positions. They have to criticize Mr. Ford’s mayoral record without seeming to beat up on a cancer patient."

'Early opinion polls suggest the mayor’s support with voters will transfer to his brother.'
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