Updated leasing plan shows Simons retaining only 2908 sq ft on the bottom level, 55,023 sq ft on the main level, and an additional 53,745 sq ft on the third floor addition. This totals 111,676 sq ft (slightly below the stated square footage of 113,000 that was announced in December).

The balance of the Sears space has been subdivided into a couple new units, 812 which has 2670 sq ft, and the balance of unit 814 has 5747 sq ft on the main level, 69,128 sq ft on the bottom floor, and 165 sq ft on the new third floor.

This bottom floor retailer is confounding me (assuming it is indeed one retailer). Who uses space in the 75,040 sq ft range? Particularly where most of that space is on the boring bottom floor.

Sport Chek possibly?
Not to mention this render showing a Sportchek logo on the new portion:

And we recently opened an 80,000 sq. ft SportChek at West Edmonton Mall, so 75,000 sounds about right for this one which also includes Atmosphere.
How big is the space Dollarama currently occupies? Figure, they would be re-locating as well so maybe the 2670 sq ft or 5747 sq ft would be taken by them.
Sept 14
Get ready for the first wave of relocation with the opening of the new north expansion on Sept 15.

Most of the big name stores are weeks or a month away from opening in the new expansion including Old Navy.


^ Aha, I was in Square One last weekend and wanted to peek behind the curtain, but the guards were standing vigilant and kept eyeballing me. Guess I was too early. Thanks for the pics!
^ Aha, I was in Square One last weekend and wanted to peek behind the curtain, but the guards were standing vigilant and kept eyeballing me. Guess I was too early. Thanks for the pics!

Yes I too saw them all last week standing there like English Foot Guards. I kinda felt pity for them as I assumed standing around for hours guarding a curtain from nosey shoppers was not exactly what they signed up for when they applied for a job in security.
Many people including me were peaking behind the curtains with no problems. I have shots before the posted ones, but not on line yet as I am only up to Aug 11 photos at this time and still a few 1,000's to go before getting caught up.

Shoppers open on Monday as well the Post office considering they had posted info it would be on the 18th.

What got me about shopper was they have a post office in it considering the old one is back where it has been since it open up in the Mall. Shoppers is a full line store like the rest these days and 3 times larger than the old one.

No signs up telling people as they exited the bus terminal that the new entrance is open and very few people were using it.

15 stores did open up with the 16th opening up on Tuesday. Tim (17th) was almost ready to open, but no idea when it did. A couple should open within the next week or so, but the rest will be in Oct or Nov for the big name ones. This includes Moxie's and Richtree. Ben Moss, West 49, Icing, Saje, (Brandy Melville Tuesday) Top Floor, Lower Floor: Shoppers, Rogers, Purdy's, Tony C, Great America, International New, Hearing Solution, Maverick, Hakim, Post Office, Cellaiars and Toothwork. Tim has no sit down area at this time and hard to say if they will once they open.

The plaza is very close to the render except for the sidewalks. The Police station is going back in and next to Target on the north side.

Forgot to change batteries in the camera and had a dead camera for my Monday visited. Have yet to get back there to take some photos.

The washrooms are under the new entrance on both sides of the escalators.
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[h=3]Home Outfitters has started the count down clock for closing with the 10-30% discount sale store wide underway now.[/h]
A few areas have empty shelves.

They have a sign up saying the new entrance is open, but people still using Target to get to the mall since its a shorter walking distance for cover.

Some of the plaza is tap off for some reason.

Some tables and chairs have been added to the mall area west of the new Tim's and both Tim's weren't busy when I was there last night.
This has been speculated for a long time, but I really didn't think it would happen. I'm very curious what the plan here is.