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why do I get so excited about something as seemingly mundane as a building being built, which in of itself usually takes years to complete?
Because it's a passion for something that, one way or another, is an art form. There's a certain poetry in how cities grow and transform, like a living organism. In understanding how sometimes the smallest things can shape decades and change how so many people interact with their surroundings.

These things you don't explain, nor should you. Would you explain enjoying a particular musical genre, or a painting, or poetry?

Buildings and construction have been my life from as early as I can remember. First colouring drawings in my father's office, then getting on site years later. to now full career. At times the chaos and then the rhythms and flow during construction. Have always fascinated me.
All SimCity 2000 wingmen report in..
wild how this is the SHORTER of the two towers - phase 2 will just be an absolute unit of a tower compared to anything else around it. I think it may actually end up being the third tallest tower in the city once completed iirc.
Hopefully at least one or two similar height towers will be built nearby.