The "real" 1 Yorkville, as per Bazis's own renderings, is Pinnacle's Prestige Tower going up right now down by the lake.

The heritage component here appears to be done well but it's overwhelmed by the tower, which is mediocre at best.
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Can't wait for the inevitable Shoppers/TD/Aroma to move in
I'm going to guess the holy grail of disengaged street level: blocked out windows of a Shoppers, blocked out windows of a dispensary, blocked out windows of an LCBO....
Today: beautifully lit cornice along Yonge


As much as I disagree with much of a lot of the romanticism and nostalgia that keeps so many century-old mediocre facades plastered onto modern buildings in this city, it's nice to see someone not just clean one up, but honour and respect it.
Yes, this is the example to follow.
I agree. It appears that the entire structure , or least the entire square footage, of the heritage buildings have been kept rather than the first 2 or 3 metres (depth) of the frontage. This approach keeps the spirit alive rather than just a meagre attempt.
Imagine what the tower would look like if it was bronze to match the bricks on the restored heritage storefronts.