The bent beams columns are quite striking from the ground, the floor plate is staying the same-ish size though.

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What @shammyjammy is trying to say is that beams are horizontal, while columns are vertical (or in this case, near vertical).

Looks like they're going to start on the old brick facade. They started covering the scaffolds with green mesh. As seen in the photos on the previous page.
Photos taken Sunday, November 7th, a.m.

Looks like the next 3 floors of steel work has made its way around the south side of the building and now onto the west side. The building top crane climbed yesterday and it looks like the second one will climb within the next couple of days or so as I've noticed when they build the scaffolding up the north side of the elevator shaft it seems to be to install another building-crane Tie-in I believe it's called.

nov 71.jpg
nov 72.jpg
nov 73.jpg
nov 74.jpg