The tower is also getting its balconies redone right now. Looks like a pretty big job since they're cast in place guards that need to be chiselled off of the slabs.
Whatever they do probably won't last very long. A tower near where I live has probably been painted more times this past decade than the previous 40 years. Every owner has their own colour scheme
I doubt they’re doing much. The brick and the concrete is in good condition and the entire tower had its windows replaced within the last few years.

my guess is it’ll just get slab repairs and new glass guards without any dramatic changes to the appearance of the building.
A brown orange glass with vertical frit design that matches the original concrete would be the way to go.

The new glass with white frit that matched the original breeze brick at 100 Spadina is the best example of this.

Also, this is a heritage building. Would that dictate what they can do on the balconies?
Changing out the concrete guard for glass is *exactly* the kind of 'dramatic change' I fear...

I agree. The textured concrete balcony railings were a distinctive feature of the building that added visual interest and coherence. The colour of the railings, a light orange, both contrasted and harmonized with the dark brown brick facade.