Notice to the residents of the tower:

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The townhouses were removed from the proposal, there is now POPS planned along Sussex:


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Interesting- with the POP space, will the green space lose its fence and get a rehaul?
The fence will be eliminated, and there will be some landscaping updates, but t doesn't look like what I'd call a complete overhaul: there will be a large area simply left as lawn.

A tower-in-the-park infill project at 666 Spadina Avenue has evolved in the recent months following concerns from the City of Toronto's Heritage Preservation Services. The tower was designed by the acclaimed Estonian-Canadian architect Uno Prii in 1972, and is a quintessential example of North American modernist architecture, as a result it is listed in the City's Heritage Register. As a tower-in-the-park project, 666 Spadina features large areas of empty green space surrounding it, the result of mid-twentieth century experiments in city building and urban form.
This won't be a good project for the city because it's at number 666 Spadina :p It can only be evil.