With the material palette here apparently tossed in the bin🗑️, sure looks like the cladding order for this was placed with the same supplier as 3XN's Aqualuna... too bad they didn't just go all the way with the same coppery balcony guards. Siblings.
I'm not sure what you mean by tossed in the bin
...as the cladding has yet to be fully realized and is currently a work in progress. Nor should this project be compared to Aqualuna...as that is a different building with a different vision despite being designed by the same architect. And finally, the end result is subject to what the developer wants and not that of architect regardless...

...and why is my wastebasket image so big? 🙀
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It has been established sooooooo many times in this thread that that render does not reflect the final design submitted to the city.

There are still lots of details yet to be added like angular fins on the podium, tower and final trim.


...so, the only materials that will end up in the bin are scraps if that. <3