This is called Alba Condos. It is now open for registration:

Err...the marker is quite a bit off about this on the UT map. As it has it being built out of pristine parkland as opposed to what I presume was a former fire department outfit a block West of that.
Really looking forward to this project, I think it'll be a nice addition.

The renderings leave me hopeful but slightly cautious. It'd be nice to see a rendering during the daytime as opposed to dawn or dusk... will the building actually look this warm? If so, I will be pleased.
April 03

Only one drilling machine on site for the Geothermal system compare 2 the past few weeks. Looks like this could be the last week for drilling. Shoring could be under way this month

Is it faster and cheaper to do the drilling at surface level or once the holes is dug?? Seen it both ways and said it cheaper doing it once the hole is dug as there is less drilling and material been use.