@lunasly, the reason that people have been slow to answer if that It's way too early to estimate when things might be completed. There's a rather loose rule of thumb that it normally takes a month to build each underground level, and each podium level, then a week for every tower level, then a month for the mechanical penthouse. Then add another week for finishing for every level, and total it all up ...but that's a guesstimate based on average conditions, and you never know if there will be particular issues along the way.

From what I could see of the hole today, looks like another month or 2 before it is dug out. You could heard the jackhammer working in the west end of the hole. No idea if its was for the cane base or part of the hole. Only the dorm folks can tell us for sure.

Right now, I would say it will be about mid 2025 on before anyone can move into this building.
April 23rd
April 21
As of this date, it looks like this building will not hit grade until Jan 2024 based on the info given to me on that day.

At the time, the west end still had to be dug another 12 feet to get to the bottom of the bed rock hole in the next 6 weeks. Then there was another 18 feet for part of the east end as well the area that will be use during the forming of the west end.

Off hand, crane maybe up by the end of June or sooner. Hard to get shots and a site for the drone folks.





May 26
Going to be a few more months until the hole is dug out. About 30-40% still to be dons and 18 feet tall of bed rock. That is what you get for building 8 floors of parking right next door to the LRT


June 30
I walked by the site the day before the crane when and the site no ready yet for work. Never shot the site.

Looks like an Edge Tower project that work starts in an small area to the west and work to the east as the bedrock is remove. It could be a case that if you don't take the crane now, it could be months before another one comes free from another site. Will say end of the month to mid Aug before the hole is clear.

Shooting over the fence gives me no control over the shots and hope for the best





Looks about 4 more feet needs to be dug out for the hole. Needs to get down close to the top of the crane base.
July 12
More up on my site

Looks like another 3-4 feet to go for the west end and about 8 feet for the east end. The excavator was sitting there waiting for trucks to show up to remove the pile to be remove. No one working in the hole




From the developer.

The geothermal loops on the site will be exposed soon likely in mid-August, so you may want to get someone out there to photograph the site, as it will make for an interesting image.
From the developer.
Well this sounds intriguing. Anyone have any idea what I should be looking for? I did a quick google search but didn't really see anything as Geo thernal pertains to high rise construction.
Well this sounds intriguing. Anyone have any idea what I should be looking for? I did a quick google search but didn't really see anything as Geo thernal pertains to high rise construction.
Sounds like something that's already down there that will be uncovered.