Yeah - that was the previous, stalled version of the tower which would have sprouted from the stump had the plan not changed.

Yeah - that was the previous, stalled version of the tower which would have sprouted from the stump had the plan not changed.

That is, but he is talking about the residential complex on page-2 (BAC-3..50s) which was also proposed back then till the city shot it down to 35s due to NPS shadowing
So if this information is correct, the most likely scenario would be a <250m LEED Platinum building for BAC2, and a >300m LEED Gold or Silver building on the old BCE3 location?
Now called Brookfield Place, on the northwest corner of Yonge and Front, behind the Hockey Hall of Fame. There was a plan for a third tall office building there, but it never happened.
Looks like this thread and the Supertall thread are mirroring each other. What I posted there in a nutshell is that if this is true (which is far from being sure), this sounds like a BA-only proposal. I am not sure how BCE was indicated there at all.
Did you see how on the Brookfield BAC page they're now marketing both the east and north tower? They just changed it a few days ago from just focusing on the east tower.

I also read an investment newsletter from a few weeks ago that speculated they may start one tower on spec.
I have changed my mind. The expanded BAC site, which now apparently stretches to Yonge Street, is in fact large enough to include a supertall that is less of a shadowing threat than the existing BAC1.


If the building is built at the corner of Yonge and Adelaide, its northwestern corner will be almost exactly 1.45 times as far from NPS as the northwestern corner of BAC1, and hence can be 1.45 times as tall for the same apparent height as seen from the south edge of NPS (actually, 1.45 times as distant from the southeastern corner of NPS, and 1.43 times as distant from the southwestern corner of NPS.

Since BAC1 is 218m tall, this means that the new building could be 316m tall for the same visual height, but it would be at least partly blocked by BAC1 for about half of the frontage of NPS along Queen Street.

My conclusion is that a supertall up to around 310m could be built at the southeastern corner of the rumoured expanded site without causing significant new shadowing on NPS.
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Well the shadow from BAC East would only fall on NPS in the early morning, while with BAC West it would be closer to noon. Around the morning, the sun is lower, so the shadows are longer. At the same time, I'm not sure how much the city will care about shadows in the early morning... I mean if you go early enough in the morning even a very short building at the right location could cast a shadow on NPS.
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The Bay Adelaide site has always extended to Yonge Street. The red brick building on the corner of Yonge and Temperance was part of the original build out. I think it contains mechanicals for the parking garage.
As far as I'm in concern , do not bother to build anything , but supertall on this particular location...
I couldn't care less if it's 200 or 300 metres. What I want is the next up and coming international star to design it.