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Apr 23, 2007
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I've created a Google Map which includes every Toronto brewery/brew pub/or bottle shop (that I know of—if I've missed any, please let me know here!).

The description of each point on the map includes the address, the opening hours (when last checked), and a link to the official website. (If you find anything out-of-date in the description, again, please let me know!)

Have fun!!

Thanks guys! Louis Cifer Brew Works has been added.

Cheers, as they say!

You missed Molson-Coors. ;) But awesome map! Crazy how many places are walking distance from home....
Tours and tastings at the Amsterdam Brewery are limited to Saturday afternoons only—I was aiming to cover places that are open most days of the week, but I might grudgingly add it too!!

I love how the west end of downtown is blanketed with these lovely brewpubs, all within a 10 minute bike ride of my home!
I find it a little ironic that Henderson's is located next door to Family Service Toronto.

Although I don't drink, I sometimes go to breweries for the food.

By the way, it would be interesting to put Thiessen polygons for each location.
Molson Coors' mainstream beers might not be fashionable at the moment, but the Etobicoke brewery is significant nonetheless in the city's brewing landscape.
The maps's not for Molson Coors mainstream. No map needed for that.

I'll keep an eye out for the Big Rock move in.

I might add 3 Brewers in, thinking about it. The map is supposed to be for local brews, not Belgian chains brewing locally. I do like Belgian beer, BTW, but again, that's not really what the map's about.

I'll get Batch added in on Victoria… although it's more corporate craft beer, like Mill Street!

Muddy York's hours aren't very conducive to making a purchase a social act. Thinking about that one.

Bar Hop pours other people's beer. That's all good beer, it's just that this map isn't for that.

EDIT: Blood Brothers is already on this map!

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Excellent list! The more craft breweries the better. Less money for the Beer Store! I just hope with all these craft breweries all over Ontario, this will put pressure on the Liberals to end the foreign-owned beer monopoly.
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The west end looks like the place for craft brews. It is very ironic that the area was under prohibition as recently as two decades ago!

If Wynne permits, a craft version of the Beer Store that sells only craft brews should be established and can only be owned by Ontario Craft Brewers Association. Once a craft brewer becomes corporate, it would be forced to leave the association.

I am tired of seeing ads for "Big Urine." Craft breweries are more responsible, since they don't secretly target underage people, unlike "Big Urine." Minors are much less likely to drink craft brews, mainly because they are more attracted to the price and advertising than to quality (and because the vast majority of minors don't recognize the craft brewers).

Currently, approximately 5 to 10% of the beer market is owned by the craft brewers in Ontario. Typically, lower quantities of craft beer is needed to feel refreshed before becoming intoxicated, while drinking "Big Urine" would be needed to be drunk in high quantities to feel refreshed (but would often lead to intoxication).

Don't expect to see ads for a specific brand of craft beer on a popular non-sports national television program.

Quality before quantity. Support the craft brewers, not "Big Urine."

I may be teetotal, but I have a friend whose ex-boyfriend runs a local craft brewery.
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