From June 10, and raptors flag ! Just starting 7 th floor , seems like a floor a month


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Gives that part of Danforth a totally different feel. Danforth is certainly changing - for the better I think.
Surprisingly the spandrel isn't grey. Although the mullions overall create a messy pattern and is like a headache to look at. Considering that Marlin Spring and G+C are teaming up for several projects in the city, this could act as a sign for things to come.
It's the Royal Mullion Exposition of 1890!

There's still hope for this one. A lot of the panels that appear to be spandrel are actually unfinished and awaiting... something?... to go on top. It's hard to see in the photos because the raw backpans are similar in shade/colour to the greyish white glass spandrels, but walking by in person you can see the difference. Maybe that'll help once some of it gets covered up?