Oct 25, 2020

Does anyone know what the exact height of the condo development is?
Yes. (See the updated database file and/or thread title.)

You can add inline spoilers like this:

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...only if Mr. 42 is about to tell us who killed Dumbledore.
...only if Mr. 42 is about to tell us who killed Dumbledore.
Well, that is actually an uncomplicated answer, but it has a very surprising connection that ties your off-topic comment into this and other UT threads.

The relatively simple story is that Dumbledore has unwittingly worn a cursed ring that propels an act of sympathetic euthanasia on the part of Severus Snape—but what most muggles don't realize is that the very same ring is tied into another curse, that involves an accident where the wife of Upper Canada Lieutenant Governor and founder of the Town of York John Graves SImcoe, Elizabeth Posthuma Simcoe née Gwillim (who, with that middle name we must assume was at least half-blood) had an accident while apparating back to York from Diagon Alley with a poorly sealed satchel of Floo Powder.

She was doing this to get the recently established Town of York connected to the Floo Network, but there were unforeseen consequences, as you can imagine, when one method of magical transportation was contaminated by another. Upon Elizabeth's apparition here in the fireplace of their Castle Frank summer house, the Floo Powder, which had been leaking from the bag during the teleportation, caused spontaneous acts of disapparition and apparition all over the Floo Network, teleporting wizards, witches, and various objects near the connected fireplaces willy nilly back and forth for several minutes before settling down again.

Amongst those caught up in the frenzied teleportive event were Marvolo Gaunt and Geraint Ollivander. Gaunt had the ring that Dumbledore ended up with on at the time, and the elder Ollivander was testing an unfinished wand. The two of them crossed in the event and half-apparated in ghostly form in the air above an indigenous shaman's campfire on the banks of the East Don, where the Ontario Association of Architects Building stands today on Moatfield Drive. Ollivander immediately sensed the ring's evil properties, and pointing the wand incanted "claditor spandrelgrise!" hoping to encase the ring in an opaque covering. Needless to say, the ring was more powerful than the unvarnished wand and deflected its spell into the very soil from which OAA members have been drawing their accreditation ever since the professional association moved their offices there in 1992.

Most muggles will say that's all a load of hogwash, but you cannot deny we've been cursed ever since.

This one has been wrapped (seemingly) for a bit.

But Marlin Spring is lobbying on it for this:


Photos from here:

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The photos are a little bit behind. The eastern most unit is being outfitted for a dental office, they have signs up in the windows now