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The proposal here has seen significant slippage on timelines; and that had led to a new report to the September 10th of EYCC.

The reason for the report is that the timelines of construction for the facilities were actually wedded to various permits being granted, with the general requirement that the non-gaming facilities go up concurrently with the gaming ones.

First, the report:

Then, the proposed revised schedule:



Full sized versions can be found here:

Notable stuff from the Community Engagement site linked above:






Taken from the FAQ: They are musing about 21,000 permanent jobs, in addition to the 25000 residential units, the latter presumably generating 40,000-50,000 residents.

The site, inclusive of the race track is ~250 hectares (or 625 acres). So the target number seems to be ~250-275 people+jobs per hectare.
Is that the "4,200-seat performance venue"? With this, the new entertainment venue planned for Exhibition Place, and the amphitheatre at Ontario Place supposedly being converted for indoor year-round use, I'm not sure there would be enough big name entertainment acts to keep them all going, not to mention Rama and Fallsview. There seems to be a bit of a mystery regarding the new 5,000-seat theatre in Niagara Falls apparently being completed yet remaining unused, while their older smaller (1500-seats) entertainment venue has been reopened for some time now.
"entertainment at the Fallsview Casino Entertainment Centre is currently paused. We will continue to update our website with the latest information, so please check back often."
"Niagara Casinos president Richard Taylor would not clarify why the new theatre has not yet opened."
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