Not a bad building to keep, but the sidewalk is rather narrow there, and the area would benefit from more space at the intersection. Furthermore, it’s a relatively simple structure that has fewer details that could be lost if rebuilt (i.e. brickwork).

As such, I wonder if it would make more sense to create a new facade inspired by the existing that’s set further away from the street, along the lines of 55 Mercer.
Diamond Corp. / Alterra + Sweeny&Co Architects: 39 storeys (148.7 m including MPH)



North elevation:


West elevation:


East elevation:

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149 metres is tall for 39 floors... I would have expected about 125 metres.

To show where this is located:

Toronto Model 03-03-20 125 George.png

Toronto Model 03-03-20 125George.png
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u r the man Koop i was trying to figure out where it is. really helpful. thanks.

+ i think its 149m because that mechanical top is atleast as tall as 3 floors.