KPF was *technically * involved with Parade...but you can see it was Concorded to all hell.
Toronto Model 09-22-21 YSL.png

Toronto Model 09-22-21 YSL2.png

Toronto Model 09-22-21 YSL3.png
Wow great jobs Koops! Love to see a flyby starting from midtown passing by those two generic skyscrapers towers of this new tower when you have the time thanks!
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aA and Concord Adex is a perfect match for an ugly building.
aA’s architecture is better than KPF in my opinion when it comes to proportions, refinement, elegance, not to mention well ahead of the second and third tier ‘award winning’ local firms that do a lot of work in Toronto. aA was recently featured in the architecture book Canadian Architecture: Evolving a Cultural Identity, a curated collection of quality architecture in Canada.