Nice aerial rendering. I noticed a high-rise drawn out in the Port Lands, what's that? A proposal or is one of our high-rises making a run for it!
Nice aerial rendering. I noticed a high-rise drawn out in the Port Lands, what's that? A proposal or is one of our high-rises making a run for it!

From UT last week,...growth to watch 2018: Toronto central waterfront

Continuing south on Cherry Street into the Port Lands, Castlepoint Numa submitted an application in 2016 to redevelop 309 Cherry, located on the northeast corner of Cherry and Commissioners Streets. Designed by SvN Architects + Planners, the development would see 11 and 52-storey condo towers constructed on the site, comprising a total of 1,013 residential units with grade-level retail. The City has stated that they consider the proposal premature, and that its massing and density are not in line with what is foreseen by the Port Lands Planning Framework study,
demo permit issued last week for a few of the properties.. Will we see demo activity soon?

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Interesting. Wasn't the hold-up originally to do with the podium/heritage status of the buildings there? I guess it bodes well that there's no concern about the height...
Demo permits have little to do with zoning approval. This will likely sit as an empty lot for a year or two until they get zoning.

The August pre-hearing will probably end up as a settlement hearing and hopefully has the project wrap up its zoning approvals at that point.
Not the update many are looking for, but interesting info from a Cresford newsletter:

Cresford is thrilled to announce their joint project with the Downtown Yonge Business Improvement Area, in anticipation for YSL.

The Downtown Yonge Business Improvement Area (BIA) is an association representing 2,000 businesses in the downtown neighbourhood. To support their important endeavours, Cresford has donated the YSL groundbreaking space at Yonge and Gerrard to host installations and pop-ups throughout summer.

On May 10th, a celebratory event was held to launch Cresford’s partnership with the BIA and announce the donation of the YSL space. Ryan Millar, the VP of Planning and Development at Cresford, spoke to an enthusiastic crowd and expressed excitement about Cresford’s relationship with Ryerson University, as well as the future commercial, retail, and park spaces that will be part of the YSL development.

With over 40 years of participation in building the city’s skyline, Cresford has had the opportunity to build a strong and lasting relationship with the city of Toronto. Through launching and building several projects along Yonge Street and throughout the downtown core, the team has also had the opportunity to work with councilor Kristyn Wong Tam, who is extremely dedicated to her ward and has always inspired to do more and better.

With the coming of YSL, Cresford has also had the pleasure of working with Mark Garner, Executive Director of the BIA, who has helped to continue Cresford’s membership in the community. Keep an eye out as this great space at Yonge and Gerrard transpires into something wonderful in the coming months.
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