Still, it seems like there's an inordinate amount of fussing over indeterminates, and we've ended up with a 'Settlement Offer' that far worse for the urban realm than the previous two designs.

The last design had already gone through DRP as well with some level of support, so I also don't know why they've decided to go back to the drawing board- unless they're trying to bluff planning and/or the economics of the tower didn't work out.
Yeah, that isn't a bad idea actually, propose something ridiculous, over 400m tall, that will inevitably get cut down, but will still be reasonably tall and over 300m by the time everything has been planned out and chopped.

Actually - it's a terrible idea.
Not sure about the accuracy, but until a proper render comes out, this will do I hope:



I could live w/the lower-wrap around, subject to material palate, but that large wrap-around over 2/3 of the building just looks weird, and not in a good way.
By the end of this whole process I think we're just going to end up with another box condo, without the fancy angles. Whatever is going on with these revisions for various projects in this city to make condos look more and more like boxes instead of elegant towers, it's just gotten to the point of being ridiculous.
Yet some projects like One Yonge seem to almost sail through planning while projects like these seem to get stalled- there must be more than this.

I might chalk it up to how hard the councillor makes it (Kristyn Wong-Tam) + developer economics (retaining unit count in a shorter tower + the economics of supertalls).
But give her credit, this crappy redesign will cast a smaller shadow. Glass half full.
is there any way we can start a petition or write a letter to city staff. man im really mad.

I thought you were lying curled up in bed