Massive shock - a 98 storey residential tower wasn't commercially viable in Toronto.
Most of us knew the first iteration was too good to be true, and was never going to be built. Jennifer wasn't around to put the kibosh on the height
and it was still chopped down. We can only hope this massing is far from the final design. It's ugly as it is now.
wow thank you for the find!
are there more detailed architectural plans, or is it just the north & west elevation drawings for now?
These appear to be the only renderings at the moment, as they were the only figures attached to the council item that dealt with the settlement. I think these renderings are only to help visualize the settlement offer.
Exaggerated emotional responses to a proposed building always subject to change ✓
Refusal to accept the possibility market conditions made a 344 m tower unviable ✓
Blame placed on a former city planner and the local councillor with zero evidence connecting them to the decision except a raging hard-on by some users to blame them for every city decision they disagree with ✓

Never change urbantoronto users, never change...

(Actually please change already)

*Edit - Also, before any one accuses me of being flippant, I'm disappointed by the new iteration too. The original proposal was much easier on the eyes. But get a grip people.
I knew the original design and height would never fly in this city....but I'm still very disappointed.
This is disappointing. I can see the east side of Aura from my neighbourhood. I was imagining how this super tall, super slim would look. Awesome in the renderings.
I never expected this one to go through at that height anyway. It was insanely tall for Canadian and Toronto standards. The design was really cool I will admit. But my heart isn't broken. This building wasn't even on my radar for towers I realistically expect to go ahead.