I think Starbucks and Baton Rouge are the only places with open doors on Yonge right now.. Roots used to be open but they aren't right now.
I doubt CF does this (or enforces this), but it should be part of their lease agreement that the sidewalk doors must be open during regular store hours.
Doors Open


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The Nordstrom in Vancouver is very good at changing its window displays.
One of the windows on Granville has their rotating "pop-up" store, so it's different every few weeks.
You can also see deep into the store from the windows.

The TEC store should look a lot better once the wraps come off.
There seems to be a massive renovation job going on for the media tower...all boards with the exception of the LED board.

Possibly going all LED. (I hope)


Oh I hope so. That thing has become painful to look at. I wonder if they'd need to reinforce the support structure since LEDs are likelier heavier than what was there before.

Also, weren't those plastic-looking tubular thingies in the margins supposed to glow with multiple colours?

I think it'd be cool to install a giant screen with the same curvature as the structure above the entrance below. It'd be like the NASDAQ "tubular" outdoor screen on the building at the southern edge of Times Square (formerly CondeNast).