Looks like that sad little curved ticker is gone from the top of the media tower too. Glad to see it go because it was at the wrong scale (and it looked like it was on its last legs for the last decade) but the square needs more of that kind of media. More screens are good but we need some razzle-dazzle with a mix of different kinds of media, lighting and movement. Why oh why doesnt that new elevated H&M sign rotate....
There's almost no pedestrian engagement along Yonge street. They may have said that was their goal at the time but secretly what they wanted was to maximize square footage.

It would have been nice to have restaurants with patios along that west side of Yonge but I guess CF would rather people walk through the mall than on Yonge St.

Did they really maximize square footage though? I'm not sure they gained any additional retail space with the changes.
It appears to me they are building an LED/AD board or similar in the spot of the old Sears Store advertising banners.

Media Tower renovations

That's exactly what they're doing. It looks like the bottom 2 will be moving displays and the top 2 will be tall LED screens displaying static ads.