The updates, both inside and out, are definitely breathing new life into this portion of the Eaton Centre, and I approve of the glassification of the Nordstrom wall facing the mall's interior (that 3rd level will surely provide many photo ops never before possible!). That being said, it didn't take much to improve over the Sears, which isn't saying a lot.
I disliked the off-center southern entrance to the Nordstrom, and I'll further critique the need for 2 Nordstrom logos off-center once again. It's visually jarring, especially since they are so similar in size. It's an odd design choice.
Edit: yes, having signage higher allows for exposure to people on the lower levels of the mall, but having an additional one of equal size at ground level seems like overkill.
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Agree with your observations. Adding both 'CF' and 'Toronto' to 'Eaton Centre' just clutters things up too. I realize corporate wants its brand in their but consumers don't give a toss who owns the malls they frequent. And if people don't know they're in Toronto we're in trouble. It's not the Pittsburgh Eaton Centre, if it needed clarifying.
September 14, 2016
New skywalk coming?



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It's fascinating to see the steel structure underneath. I'm also a bit shocked at the complete lack of insulation around it. An old department store like Hudson's Bay / Saks has got to have some serious bills from Enbridge each month!
Was there not already some renders of the skywalk? I had assumed it was part of the renovations from the get-go.
The sliding doors look nice, but they put in granite flooring between the two sets of doors and didn't bother to install floor grates. I really don't understand why there are so few floor grates at entrances in this city, instead of messy, crooked, water-logged carpets.
The sliding doors do look good (or at least better than I feared. And I feared that much of the glass surrounding the entrance would be removed and instead, they reduced some of the clutter by using larger panes).
September 15, 2016

Stocking Uniqlo. The store's quite big. Could the mystery retailer across the way be Simons?



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Could the mystery retailer across the way be Simons?

How big is the store across the way? The Simons at Square One is 110,000 square feet.

Of the Uniqlos that I have been in, they seem much smaller than a typical Simons.

ETA: Uniqlo at the Eaton Centre is 27,400 sq. ft. In contrast, the Simons proposed for downtown Calgary is considered on the small side for their new stores and it will be 92,000 sq. ft.
The remaining space, I believe, is in the teens, like 13,000 square feet maybe, close to that in any case, so no Simons.

Sadly this is a small Uniqlo, but I'm excited non the less.
Would love to see Simon's downtown somewhere soon though, getting a bit tired going to Mississauga :p
These are the new sliding doors.


Very nice. Anyone go through them today and get shots of Nordstrom?



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