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It was open when I was down there on Saturday. They had special stanchion poles set up to allow for an enormous queue with a dedicated security guard.

While it was doing good traffic at lunch, I'm pleased to say the majority of queue was entirely empty.
Not surprised that the Samsung store has reached the end of its road. I've never bothered to go inside after all these years. I have their products, but it's not really a brand that people seek an "experiential" store presence.
I guess it sorta makes sense, since BMO has taken over all the levels above Nordstrom with their new offices. It will give them very visible street corner presence.
The Samsung store didn't really make the best use of the space. It's mostly empty and their products are scattered so far away from each other in different sections.

In other Eaton Centre news, a Dental Office will be opening on Level 2 between Lush and Lenscrafters, replacing the Blue Marine clothing shop.
Sukoshi Mart is now open beside Steve Madden. Alo Yoga is also now open in the old Pink location. Conspiracy Comics has opened in the former Jays Shop on Level 1.
Osmow's will be opening downstairs in the Food Court. The Constance Taverne will be providing food for the Drag Brunch in the mall tomorrow, so they must be getting ready to open soon-ish.
Which rumours?
It's the annual discussion around the future of Indigo (not renovated in years and didn't get a Good Earth cafe)
Aritzia (lots of smaller brands, ie TNA, Wilfred, etc, but the actual space is smaller than the current store design - so maybe getting a facelift).
Also hearing Starbucks is looking at its strategy in the mall, which could see moves.
Then there's the Nordstrom Box - and which brands didn't take the Samsung space before BMO took it.

Pilgrim opened yesterday.
Urban Customz closed after a decent run as a pop-up.
Scotch & Soda finally shut down after being in liquidation.

With La Senza moving, is it just to allow the brand to operate as they renovate the current spot (beside adidas Halo)?
What's happening with the old Armani Exchange AX location?

...and did I mention Nordstrom?

Lots of rumours and movings.

Boathouse has closed. There is white hoarding in front of it with the UGG logo now.
They've opened up the passageway on the ground floor in the former Nordstrom, so you can again now walk from the north entrance down to the main mall. Drywall is being put up in the interior along the Yonge St. side of the floor.