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Future Shop and Best Buy can co-exist. They carry different models of products so they don't directly compete on price.
In Richmond, BC one mall (Lansdowne Mall) will have both a Future Shop and a Best Buy (Best Buy is currently under construction and Future Shop opened about 2 years ago).
Ive seen in ottawa a best buy and a future shop right beside each other on merival road. They where both busy too.
Re: From yesterday's New York Times

I can't believe the Burlington Coat Factory backed out. Maybe they'll return when they can open a few stores together.
Does anyone know what's going in the Eaton Centre addition for the Ryerson building?
One page ago, it was revealed that there will be a Canadian Tire, Mark's Work Warehouse, and Best Buy in the new part of Eaton Centre. Does any one rememeber when it's suppose to open? I'm glad the're extending the retail to Dundas, it's a bit dead between Yonge and McCaul. Does anyone remember when there was a Mark's Work Warehouse where half of the Gap's upper floor is now? Everytime I went it was empty, but maybe paired up with Canadian Tire, it'll be more successful.
"Does anyone remember when there was a Mark's Work Warehouse where half of the Gap's upper floor is now?"

When did the Mark's in the Eaton Centre close down?
canadian tire owns marks work warehouse

Seriously? Then why wouldn't they co-brand, and start selling MWW jeans in Canadian Tire or somesuch? They seem like such compatible brands.
I wouldn't want to buy any clothing from Canadian Tire - their stores smell like rubber and oil - and that smell sometimes gets absorbed into the merchandise.
^^shhhh. gorgey boy might label them as part of the axis of evil and liberate their employees.

funny bit...

from wiki:

Canadians often jokingly refer to Canadian Tire as "Crappy Tire" or simply "Crappy's" because of a common conception in Canada that Canadian Tire's Car Repair service appeals to the poor class. Despite the pejorative connotations of the name, the company asserted trademark rights to "CRAPPY TIRE" in a dispute with the domain owner of The company filed a UDRP complaint before a World Intellectual Property Organization panel alleging the domain owner registered a name confusingly similar to the company's registered trademarks and demanding the domain be transferred to the company. The complaint was dismissed by the arbitrators.

New Canadian Tire stores usually have an adjoining Mark's Work Warehouse in them, so it's almost the same as having the MWW in Canadian Tire, but I think I've seen WindRiver in Canadian Tire, but I could be mistaken. MWW has been closed for years from their Eaton Centre location, maybe five or six years ago?
Sorry to be so pressing, but I'm looking for a concrete answer:

Was there a Mark's Work Warehouse in the Eaton Centre within the past three years?