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What next? Speed bumps for pedestrians?

Cyclists have long had driving signage on paths like 20 km/h speed limit signs on the Martin Goodman Trail. I've seen speed bumps on trails in the past too. The sign is probably there to remind people using legal vehicles for paths like bicycles and electric push scooters in the future to be mindful that it's a shared space with pedestrians.
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The city should be planting some windbreaks (bushes, trees, etc.) along the approaches to the bridges. Not too close, but enough of a distance to slow or deflect the winds, especially in winter.
I was biking through the area today and saw they are laying sod down on the Stanley Park side. I asked the landscapers and they told me they are doing the entire section. The grass was pretty dead there so this will be very welcome. It will be looking very lush and green in a few days!