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Thanks for the perfect Go Train "parking lot" pic cabeman.

Yes ladies and germs... those trains ain't movin'. They live there.

Thanks Cabeman for coming through!
Now, next items on our thread agenda would be:
- how can we confirm who owns the surrounding properties to determine if there is a pooling of potential properties?
- what permitted zoning is on the site considering the more sensitive Wellington side (Draper too?) and the likely more liberal side of Front Street.

Who has the contacts and the access to this info?
New Globe and Mail Headquarters (Wellington St W, ?,?)

Globe and Mail to build new headquarters
Steve Ladurantaye
Globe and Mail Update

The Globe and Mail will build a new headquarters in Toronto’s King West neighbourhood, an area of the city that has been a hive of condo and hotel development.

Woodbridge Co. Ltd., a private holding company that manages the assets of Canada’s Thomson family, including a majority stake in global information company Thomson Reuters Corp. and a will soon own a majority stake in The Globe and Mail said Thursday it will invest in new office space for the newspaper.

The space – which hasn’t been designed yet – will be on Wellington Street West. The Globe currently backs onto Wellington, and the Thomson family owns about 80 per cent of the real estate on the block between Spadina and Portland streets.

“You can't walk through the front door of this building anymore and say this is what a modern media company looks like,†said Geoff Beattie, chief executive officer of Woodbridge of the 47-year-old building that was formerly the home of the Toronto Telegram.

The announcement is one of the first hints of how Woodbridge plans to manage The Globe and Mail, which it acquired in a September deal as part of a deal that saw the Globe’s current parent, CTVGlobeMedia, purchased by BCE Inc. for $1.3-billion. The deal is expected to close by the end of the year.
Wow, that's really exciting.

The GB parcel is huge, and much of it now is given to loading docks and surface parking. A thoughtful redevelopment here could really improve the neighbourhood.
Anyone want to join a pool on the height of the completed building? I take 38 storeys.
be nice if they emphasized design, like the new tower for the nytimes, by renzo piano (i think).

i like the way the neighborhood west of spadina is shaping up.
I think it would be in the 8 - 12 storeys range as it's more respective of the surrounding context (and I would not use CityPlace as some sort of precedent here). More importantly, is that the redevelopment of the site is being talked about publicly. It's a very significant property with lots of potential. I hope that the Toyota dealership site is redeveloped as well but I am not sure if that property is owned by the Thompson family also.
Merged. Pretty exciting development I must say - the tone of the article suggest something architecturally worthwhile - if not, would Lisa Rochon savage it in their own publication?

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This is a very exciting project! I'm sure Ed's right about the condos on Front. Wellington has become kind of trendy street with a lot of boutiquey offices including several in media-related sectors. It's not a bad location for the Globe.

I certainly hope they try to promote a "sophisticated" image with good architecture. It's definitely not out of the question that they'd hire a very big national or international name.

One question is whether they might not want to build a larger complex and incorporate the CTV offices marooned out at Channel Nine Court.
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