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Apr 24, 2007
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Considering that the transformation of both Front and Wellington continues at a frantic pace, I thought it was about time to open up a thread on the planning of the redevelopment of the Globe and Mail's site on Front Street W., backing on to Wellington St. West. Perhaps we can convince our very own Cabeman to post up an aerial of the site in this thread to give perspectives on the magnitude of the potential site.

It is my understanding that the Thomson family owns the site and potentially other lands down to Draper, but I am not sure. Some folks who contribute to this board appear to know what is being looked at now conceptually, so perhaps some teasing and discussion can take place. I believe the site has massive potential, so hopefully it will not be just your usual condo/ground floor retail concept - too boring and too easy. This site requires some innovative planning and I see it as a diamond point or gateway for the emerging King/Spadina and Wellington Place neighbourhoods.
If I were the Thompson familly, I'd wait another 10 years before selling. The area should be a new Yorkville by then and extremely expensive--so Thompson's, hang on and screw the Freed's of the world for every last penny...:)
Yeah, the Toyota dealership is pretty crucial here, as it's right on the corner, and it's a pretty large lot. There must be some behind-the-scenes action around this site as it is so prominent and it seems everywhere else in the neighbourhood is sprouting condos...
There has been talk about the site. It will only be a matter of time until something is announced. I believe The Globe does own the land where Toyota is, basically everything from Spadina to the houses on Draper.
Really? I hadn't heard that. What's your source?

(Anyone with a handle of TKTKTK must be in the know. Or is waiting to be in the know, and will fill it in later...)
Teacher's Pension Fund, $108 billion, owns the Globe and Mail, as well as Cadilac Fairview, and MLSE, Eaton Centre and other holdings..... they may have something up their sleeves
OK, here's my first scribble and proposition.

The key to the Globe & Mail lands.... in fact the key to reinvigorating all of Front Street from Spadina to Bathurst... and perhaps even the key to get Cityplace off its butt and deliver at least one (promised) north/south connection over the rail corridor..... is to move the bloody GO Train parking lot (see INSET in green). It's a dozen tracks wide.

I don't care if they have to shuttle the trains for 5 minutes extra, or 15 minutes extra. It has no place downtown. Schedule it, figure it out. But move it.

It is obscene that a footprint of this size, which eliminates the possibility of a "south-side of Front Street" built form in favour of parking double-deckers.... exists right downtown.

Once we have "magically" bought, stolen or expropriated this rather big slice of downtown devoted to parking.... a low to medium rise neighbourhood could be built on the south side of Front.

Let's see if Cityplace can claim "it's a bridge too far" once the city has moved a hundred feet or so south to greet them. Who knows... we may find there are developers willing to connect the other way (north from Front, south to Cityplace).

Perhaps we can convince our very own Cabeman to post up an aerial of the site in this thread to give perspectives on the magnitude of the potential site.

... just back from vacation and noticed the thread. Thanks to 3D for an interesting post.

The perimeter is a rough outline, as far as I know the car dealership site is owned by the Globe, but I'm not aware of anything beyond that.

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