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Apr 23, 2007
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We have gotten early word of an upcoming application for a new condominium on the east side of Mutual Street just north of Shuter by The Sher Corporation, a new developer with industry experience in Toronto through The Walsh Group, a company that has been heavily involved with design and marketing of condominiums for years.

Nothing quite yet on the proposal itself, other than this is an assembly of seven properties. One property at 73 Mutual would exist between this proposal and the 75 Mutual proposal by Tribute Communities.

I believe one of those houses has been demolished because of structural issues (I think 61 mutual st)... It wouldn't really be a loss if the neighbouring houses were demolished. They look severely modified.

Structural issues. There was a rear addition to 61 Mutual that didn't look that old. The whole structure was demolished after being condemned by the city.
Ward 27 - Tor & E.York District

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Proposed 32-storey apartment tower which includes a 5-storey base building. The height of the building, to the top of the mechanical penthouse, is 100.5 metres.The project would have a Gross Floor Area of 17,524 square metres, and a density of 16.3 FSI on its net site
Type Number Date Submitted Status
Rezoning 15 264025 STE 27 OZ Dec 11, 2015 Application Received
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Render from urban nation:


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The rendering above though - how does that make any sense? The address shows 88, which would put it on the other side of the street. The corner and the adjacent buildings don't make sense for the site. It this a mistake?

Edit: it is a mistake.

But 32 floors in a mid-block building on Mutual Street? Damn.
I don't think that kind of density is appropriate for what is basically a side street. The applications in this area create what is basically another Entertainment District density area.