I think so. My lawyer asked me to prepare the bank draft (it includes First month's prorated occupancy fees). And also 12 post-dated cheques payable to Ivy starting from Mar 1, 2024.
12 post dated cheques. Does that mean one-year for the closing?
Can anybody get inside the building to take some pictures of the lobby and other facilities? Thanks!
My occupancy is on Feb 15th but I am highly suspect if everything is completed and ready for use.
Lobby pic. It was taken on Feb 5th when we did our PDI.


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My Lawer already have a documents from Ivy but I still not have any information from my Lawer to know how much have pay to pay for every month.
My monthly payment is monthly common expenses +realty Taxes + interest on Deferred purchase monies = over $ 3000😰
What about you guys